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LinkedIn B2B Marketing, Email Compliance, Dream Big!

Dive into this week's business pulse! Master LinkedIn B2B to skyrocket your reach, ensure email compliance effortlessly, explore the Airbnb business model, dream big like Tupac Shakur, and decode the TikTok ban.

Business Ideas, Accounting Tips, Minimum Wage

Unlock your home's earning potential with urban farming tips & navigate the new fast-food wage landscape in California. Plus, TikTok for business secrets revealed! Transform your entrepreneurial journey this week.

Growth Hacking, TikTok National Ban, Must-Have Apps

What's important this week: the unexpected impact of the TikTok ban on small business marketing, the best productivity apps that are changing the game for entrepreneurs, the art of hacking success - not just a myth, but a reality for bright minds. Click here for more!

Tax Law Changes, Cold Calling, Business Plan Amazon

Our main topics and tips of the week: How to elevate your business this Ramadan by embracing inclusivity, explore cutting-edge social media strategies to boost your brand, and get ahead with the latest tax filing insights. Your roadmap to prospering in the current marketplace is ready to click here!

Seed Funds, Quick Money Side Hustles, Tax Planning

Discover Seed Fund Week 2024 for key funding tips. Master the Lender Match Platform, get inspired by a profitable side hustle, learn tax extension processes for 2024, and boost your branding for success. Start your journey with us!

Tax Tips, Election Year Marketing, Grants for Veterans

Unlock tax secrets & grab veteran funds to fuel your growth! Dive into savvy election year marketing & high-profit models, while dodging financial pitfalls. Your weekly roadmap to thrive in business is here!

Equity Action Plan, Online Marketing, Blockchain

Unlock the power of diversity with our Equity Action Plan, boost your brand with Influencer Marketing insights, master SEO Link Building, and celebrate Black History Month.

Black History Month, B2B Content Marketing, AI Tools

Unlock your business's potential this Black History Month! Dive into success stories, discover AI tools, and master B2B content marketing. Find marketable ideas and soar on social media. Your weekly dose of inspiration and strategy starts here!

Small Business Grants, Tax Write-Offs, Crowdfunding

Unlock the power to propel your business forward! From securing grants and optimizing taxes to leveraging crowdfunding and digital marketing, we're here to guide you.

Facebook Marketing, Amazon Sales, WordPress Plugins

Dive into our exclusive guide on harnessing Facebook for business success, master Amazon sales techniques, get inspired by riveting startup stories, and discover top WordPress plugins to skyrocket your website's performance. Stay ahead with us every week!

Business Plan, Customer Personas, Video Marketing

Dive into fresh business ideas, master video marketing, explore top online writing tools, and learn to manage holiday returns like a pro. Plus, get the scoop on 2024's can't-miss marketing conferences and use ChatGPT for creating compelling customer personas.

Crowdfunding Sites, Passive Income Guide, POTUS

Unlock your financial potential! Dive into our weekly guide on passive income, empowering women entrepreneurs, and leveraging the SBA Growth Accelerator Fund. Discover the power of crowdfunding and master the art of pull vs. push marketing for your business.

Marketing Trends 2024, Top AI Tools, Retirement Plan

Unlock Your Business Potential in 2024! Dive into our latest newsletter for insider tips on TikTok Marketing, master Facebook Ads strategies, explore cutting-edge AI tools, and smart retirement planning. Start the new business cycle with a bang!

AI Prompts for SMEs, Corporate Transparency Act, SEO

This week, explore the essential insights of the Corporate Transparency Act, unravel the latest Digital Marketing strategies for 2024, and harness the power of Generative AI. Finish 2023 strong and be ahead of the competition in 2024!

Business Plan, Generative AI Guide, Accounting Tips

Elevate your business game! This week: Uncover AI's transformative power in marketing, get exclusive tips for women entrepreneurs to hone leadership skills, navigate inflation with expert advice, and refine your business plan. Stay ahead, dive in now!

Tax Breaks, High Profit Side Hustles, ChatGPT Prompts

This week, uncover hidden tax breaks, dive into the world of profitable side hustles, unlock the power of ChatGPT prompts and know the key dates and services in the UPS Holiday Shipping Schedule. Get the latest in business innovation with our weekly newsletter.

High-Impact Content, Social Media Mistakes, AI Tools

Learn from the most crucial social media marketing mistakes. Discover the best business podcasts currently on the market. Make it easier for customers to find you on Google with backlink-building strategies. Get weekly insider tips, trends and strategies straight to your inbox.

Holiday Sale, Instagram Guide, Small Business Saturday

Use Small Business Saturday on November 25 to get your Christmas business off to a flying start. Learn why identifying your target market is crucial. Know the most important Instagram updates from reels, tools, ads to shopping and more. And not to forget: We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

YouTube Alternatives, ChatGPT Business Ideas, SEO

Explore seven ways to increase holiday sales for small businesses. Learn key online marketing strategies, monetize ChatGPT, and get essential tips for your small business success!

SBA Loans, Holiday Season Sale, College Founders

Learn about funding opportunities for disabled entrepreneurs. Explore some profitable business ideas for college students. Gear up for a record-breaking holiday sale. Increase your reach with the most effective types of social media content. This is how you elevate your small business.

High Earnings, Retire Richly, Don't Feed the Trolls

10 Freelance Jobs for high income in 2024. How to leverage your small business for a comfortable retirement. 14 branding strategies that successfully resonated with audiences. How your business can manage negative comments and more in our weekly ZANDURA newsletter.

High-Profit Business Ideas, TikTok Grants, Tax Savings

Learn how to legally make $10k in 24 Hours. Explore the essentials of building strong relationships in business. Find small business grant opportunities. Get practical tips to save taxes. Winning week ahead!

E-Commerce Trends, AI Guide, Middle East Violence

Dive into E-Commerce, demystify AI, and understand Middle East dynamics. Stay informed with our weekly newsletter, offering a balanced view of the latest business developments and trends.

Must-Reads for Founders, Customer Reviews, Paid Ads

Tips on how to deal with negative customer feedback. 20 types of content that can attract new customers. Must-Reads for founders to help you overcome fear and doubt, build confidence and succeed. Meet the Finalists for America’s Top Small Business 2023. Stay informed weekly!

Business Plan Startup, Best Email Tools, Etsy Grants

Explore startup opportunities in Biotech, learn the best email hosting providers, celebrate National Women's Small Business Month, and discover how Etsy backs SMEs. Stay on top with our weekly insights.

Niche Marketing, Business Loans, Holiday Season Tips

You've got dreams, we've got the means! Dive into tailored business loans for women, master holiday season marketing, and uncover the power of niche strategies for SMEs. Level up your game with our weekly insights!

Business Plan, Customer Loyalty, Instagram Marketing

A complete guide on how to start your own handyman business. The 5 things successful businesses do to fight cybercrime. Useful tips to reduce credit card processing costs. 15 Customer Loyalty Program Ideas and more. Get ahead. Stay informed. Subscribe now!

Grants for Female Founders, Hiring Tips, YouTube SEO

You're just a click away from unlocking the secrets of winning grants, mastering SEO, and hiring the best talent for your small business. Dive into our weekly business newsletter and level up your business acumen today!

Financial Planning, Branding, Social Media Marketing

How women entrepreneurs can beat the odds in the tech industry. The 10 states in the U.S. with the highest minimum living wages for an individual in 2023. How to create fiscal and financial planning for disasters. A full guide on how to make money on Facebook Reels. Weekly insights you can't miss!

Sales Apps, Credit Card Competition Act, Outsourcing

Learn everything about the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023. Explore some of the best sales apps to boost your business. Dive deep into the meaning of snackable content and how you can implement it effectively. These and other news are waiting for you in our weekly newsletter!

Product Launch, Small Business Grants, Local SEO

Learn how to successfully launch a product in under 90 days. New small business grants benefit former professional athletes, minority business owners, and more. Explore the best WordPress marketing plugins for 2023. You're one click away from the business insights that matter.

Bar Owners Guide, Family Business, Must-Have Tools

Get the latest insights on bar ownership, strategies for managing family businesses, marketing tips and the essential tools every entrepreneur needs. Stay informed with our weekly newsletter.

Business Plan, Customer Acquisition, Job Market

Find out about business ideas that will make you $100K. Explore five proven techniques to build a career strategy on LinkedIn. Learn about the 2023 July jobs report and its implications on the economy. This is your weekly dose of insights and analysis you can't afford to miss!

Home Staging Business, TikTok Trends, Early Retirement

A step-by-step guide to starting a home staging business. Savings strategies for early retirement. A new source of capital for credit-challenged small businesses and more – this is your go-to source for SME news!

Business Plan, Leadership, Marketing Hacks

Dive into our latest newsletter featuring expert insights on business plan strategies, leadership wisdom, and marketing hacks to fuel your growth!

Make Money Fast, Social Media Trends, Omnichannel

Successfully start your own technology company. Explore 10 real ways to make money quickly. Why systemisation is key to avoiding SME owners’ burnout. Tips, pointers and best practices for your social media planning. How to manage imports and exports and much more.

Business Plan, Social Media, Productivity Tools

How to launch a profitable RV rental business. 10 tips for brands entering influencer marketing contracts. TikTok launches an online store for the US version of the app. The 15 best AI tools, not named ChatGPT, for increasing productivity and more.

SBA Loans, Personal Branding, Search Marketing

Secure your liquidity, strengthen your brand image and increase your reach on Google & Co. In this week's newsletter you will find tips for a strong small business that can withstand difficult conditions.

Bootstrapping, Funding, Customer Acquisition

Navigate the path of bootstrapping and start your business lean and fast. Learn about Bank of America's equity investments in minority- and women-owned funds. Explore key trends in small business customer service calls. Revolutionize your ecommerce strategy with the best ChatGPT prompts & plugins.

Search Marketing, Personal Branding, Content Marketing

Find simple ways to dominate local search. Explore e-commerce marketing strategies to help set your business apart. Learn how to achieve more reach on Twitter. Create a targeted Facebook campaign in just a few steps and more to help small businesses thrive.

Going Global, Influencer Business, Sustainability

Would you rather be a thought leader or an influencer? — Learn the difference. Find out what it takes to compete as a small business in a global marketplace. Download your infographic on the most popular content formats for customer acquisition. Learn what it means to be a sustainable entrepreneur and more.

Mobile Video Tips, Side Hustle, Retirement Planning

How to prepare for retirement as a self-employed individual. The knowledge, strategies, and resources you need to build a successful side hustle. IRS issues warning about fraudulent ERC claims. Why mobile video is the gold standard in small business marketing and more.

College Founders, Branding Tips, AI Tools

A looming recession is but a roadblock, not the end of the road. Find ten tips to help you navigate a down economy. Learn how to make 6 figures right out of college. Explore some of the top leading AI tools that can significantly boost your social media and much more.

Chat GPT Prompts, TikTok Consulting, Copycats

Zandura keeps you in the game. Whether they steal your work illegally or are legitimate competition, find out how to deal with copycats. Learn how AI tools work for email marketing and which automation tool is best for your needs. Discover how you can monetize with Chat GPT prompts in ecommerce and more.

Small Business Grants, AI Revolution, Dropshipping

Receive up to $26,000 per employee from the government's ERC Program. Learn how to build resilience in business like a doctor. Check out the top dropshipping companies in 2023. Learn how AI can improve your online marketing in 2023 and explore the best AI marketing tools. Our newsletter keeps you up to date.

Social Media Grants, Small Farm Business, Freelancing

Gain access to new networks, and grow your business with the support of TikTok. Learn how to start a small farm. The best cities for freelancers and self-employed workers in 2023. How to use Instagram Insights to develop a content marketing plan. This is your weekly dip of entrepreneurial knowledge.

Mastercard Marketing Hub, SMS Marketing, Gen Alpha

Save time and money in your daily business with our tips and tools. Leran about low-cost strategies for acquiring and retaining new customers. Know the 3 ways Gen Alpha is different from Gen Z and what it means for marketing. Explore savings strategies for small businesses in uncertain economic climates.

Founder's Guide Age 50+, Veteran SME, Chat GPT Tips

Check how the Biden-Harris administration plans to expand support for veteran-owned small businesses. Explore some fundamentals of starting a successful venture as a founder age 50-plus. Find tips on how to check if a company name is already taken. Learn how you can use ChatGPT to save time and money and much more.

Digital Marketing, Small Business Scaling, Truth GPT

Profit from experience and use some of the best marketing strategies for SME. Explore some of the Top SEO Podcasts for small businesses. Learn how to think big exponentially in small business. Find out what's behind Elon Musk's Truth GPT.

Business Setback, Efficiency Strategies, AI Marketing

President Biden vetoes bipartisan resolution on WOTUS rule, earning criticism. New generative AI prompt library for small businesses makes your workday easier. What experienced entrepreneurs recommend for moving forward after a business setback. How to improve the efficiency of your business, and much more.

Marketing Trends, Handmade Businesses, Online Hiring

Learn everything you need to know about one of the top passive income ideas of 2023 and how to make money with affiliate marketing. Explore how to get your handmade business noticed. Learn how to sell successfully on Etsy. Get ahead of the competition with some tips for successful recruiting.

Founder Advice, Small Business Grants, Business Loans

How to start a business in 10 steps for the year 2023. Free registration for National Small Business Week Virtual Summit in May is now open. A list of grants, loans and programs to benefit your small business. Funding opportunities available to women entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses.

Online Business Ideas, SME Funding, SEO Tools

Get inspired by some top reasons to start an online side hustle ASAP. Find out about lesser-known ways to raise funding for solopreneurs and small businesses. Explore a list of SEO tools you can use to leverage your SEO strategy in 2023. We support your start-up success with up-to-date business news.

Digital Marketing, SEO Guide, Sustainable Growth

Get your ticket for Building Business Capability Conference 2023 in Las Vegas. Explore what you can do to minimize costs and plan for retirement. Learn how to protect your brand's reputation through cybersecurity. Find possible reasons why your website traffic is dropping. This is how you thrive.

Women’s History Month, Cash Flow Tips, Branding

March 2023 is Women's History Month with special impulses for women entrepreneurs, e.g. how to build a successful online business and how to balance work and family more effectively. Explore brand marketing strategies to add to your Instagram. Learn tips and tricks for maintaining healthy cash flow in your SME.

Top Business Tools, Best Franchises, Sales Increase

Learn what mistakes have helped other founders become even better. Check out the top nine coffee franchises in 2023. Find small business ideas you can start today. Explore proven strategies to turn your sales copy into real money. Read about the best business tools to help you start and scale your business.

Social Commerce, Small Business Expo, Credit Cards

Learn how to use social selling as a successful sales strategy. Increase your sales as a small business when the market is down. Compare the 10 best credit cards for fair credit. Meet experts across a wide range of industries and register here to attend Houston Small Business Expo 2023.

Starting A Side Hustle, Podcast Guide, Franchising

How stressful is it to start a side hustle? The top 15 fitness franchises you can buy in 2023. 16 LinkedIn groups for entrepreneurs. podcasts: A content guide for beginners. Global Marketing Day Thursday, Feb. 16. Explore this week's roundup of selected news and tips for founders and small businesses.

Black History Month, Tax Savings, ChatGPT

Celebrating Black History Month throughout February and beyond. How brands can use ChatGPT for content marketing as well as the limitations of AI written content. Your guide to 2023 small business tax preparation. This is your weekly dip of entrepreneurial knowledge.

Sell Profitably, Make Money On TikTok, Fight Inflation

Learn how to sell profitably with 13 strategies to increase sales. Fight inflation with the top 11 tips for startups. Dive into facebook marketing with an in-depth guide for beginners. Make money on TikTok with 15 ideas on how to capitalize. This is how to keep your business moving forward.

Dropshipping Business, Franchise Ideas, Accounting

The best home-based and mobile franchises for 2023. Small business ideas list 2023. Resources for LGBTQ entrepreneurs. How to start an ecommerce dropshipping business. Three accounting concepts every startup founder should know. Payroll compliance tips. We help founders to succeed in business.

Small Business Grants, Brand Building, B2B Marketing

Grants up to $50,000 available for businesses across the U.S. Strategies to accelerate your business during the recession of 2023. How to become a brand your target audience will love. Ways to improve your b2b marketing, sales, and lead generation. – these are our news of the week.

Marketing Tips, Cannabis Trends 2023, Decision Making

The 10 best social media management tools in 2023 and beyond. Cannabis industry trends that will still be in place in 2023. 3 easy new year's resolutions every business owner should make in 2023. Read this and other relevant news in our business tips of the week.

eCommerce Trends, Sales Guide, Customer Experience

7 customer-experience-related predictions for 2023. 45 amazing home based business ideas to consider in 2023. E-Commerce Trends: 7 things to know for 2023. Say goodbye to a turbulent 2022 and start fresh into a new era.

Tax Planning 2023, Amazon Side Hustle, Marketing Hacks

Year-End Tax Strategies for 2022. How to launch a profitable dropshipping side hustle. A step-by-step guide to increase engagement on your YouTube channel. How to turn your content marketing from zero-to-hero in 2023. Don't miss these news and more.

Business Plan, Start a Micro Business, Profit Booster

December is National Write a Business Plan Month. Find out how to start a successful micro business in New York. Scale up with 20 of the most profitable small businesses in 2023. Discover business tips and relevant news for founders, solopreneurs and small start-ups.

Revenue Boosters, Last Minute Tax Actions, SEO

Last-minute tax actions for 2022. The 17 best small business marketing tools to try in 2023. How to avoid micromanaging your team. 10 Last-minute holiday revenue boosters. Self-sabotaging beliefs that hold women entrepreneurs back from success. 3 market sectors that may be (mostly) recession-proof.

Black Friday, TikTok SEO, Innovation Culture

3 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Strategy For 2023. Small Business Saturday on November 26. TikTok SEO Ranking Factors. Increase your range, stay agile and make the most out of the holiday season.

Side Hustles, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media

How to increase traffic to your website. The 40 best Google Tools for productivity and marketing. The 15 best side hustles for millennials. Women's Entrepreneurship Day November 19th. Social Media Strategies Summit Virtual Conference from December 7–8, 2022. What is significant this week.

Customer Acquisition, Holiday Sale, SEO Tips

How SEO and content marketing work together. 11 ways small businesses can compete with major retailers for holiday sales. 3 key lessons every entrepreneur can learn from failure in business. Get the most important news for founders and young start-ups to drive your business forward.

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