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Last-minute tax actions for 2022. The 17 best small business marketing tools to try in 2023. How to avoid micromanaging your team. 10 Last-minute holiday revenue boosters. Self-sabotaging beliefs that hold women entrepreneurs back from success. 3 market sectors that may be (mostly) recession-proof.

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3 Market Sectors That May Be (Mostly) Recession-Proof

Everywhere you look online, you’re bound to see articles related to the looming recession and its economic ripple effects. These effects, including job cuts and anticipated elevated default rates, would logically imply that consumers were cutting back spending in all places. But logic and recessions don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Despite dire warnings and dour markets, people aren’t tightening their belts evenly. Instead, they’re tightening here and loosening there. This is good news for aspiring entrepreneurs open to identifying and filling niches. FORBES presents 3 Market Sectors That May Be (Mostly) Recession-Proof.

Self-Sabotaging Beliefs That Hold Women Back from Success

Self-sabotage is an all-too-common reason why women-owned businesses struggle to rise. Even when you consciously want the best for your business, fear of failure can trick you into choosing the path of least resistance. Instead of letting them hold you back, here's what to look for and how to push past them: Explore 4 self-sabotaging behaviors that often impact women entrepreneurs.

How to Avoid Micromanaging Your Team

Micromanaging is surprisingly common: 59 percent of employees say they've had a micromanaging boss, and 36 percent say they've changed jobs because of it. Micromanaging decreases morale, hurts everyone's productivity and builds a toxic culture that's difficult to escape. Nobody wants that, so let's look at what micromanaging looks like and how you can escape micromanager tendencies as a small business owner.

Last Minute Tax Actions for 2022

The year is almost over, but there’s still time to take actions that can reduce your 2022 tax bill. The first thing is to meet with your CPA or other tax adviser. Consider discussing the following elements of Last Minute Tax Actions for 2022.

10 Last-minute Holiday Revenue Boosters

You’re not alone if you’ve yet to implement holiday selling strategies. Ecommerce shopping trends in 2022 include gift cards and early shopping. Only half of leading U.S. retailers offer gift cards, according to MarketWatch, despite their popularity. And big companies such as Target and Amazon kicked off holiday deals in October. Still, last-minute efforts can help finish the season with a bang. And many are simple and quick. Here are 10 ways to boost your hoilday revenue before time runs out.

The 17 Best Small Business Marketing Tools to Try in 2023

From BuzzSumo’s indispensable research feature to powerful SEO insights from Ahrefs: These are the Best Small Business Marketing Tools to Try in 2023.

7 Ways To Use Google Trends For SEO & Content Marketing

Google Trends is a surprisingly useful tool for keyword research, especially when using advanced search options that are virtually hidden in plain sight. Explore the different Google Trends menus and options and discover seemingly endless ways to gain more keyword search volume insights. Learn new ways to unlock the power of one of Google’s most important SEO tools. Tap into Google Trends with the guidance of Search Engine Journal.

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