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E-Commerce Trends, AI Guide, Middle East Violence

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The Israeli-Hamas Conflict: The 3 Main Economic Paths

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has sparked concerns about the potential escalation of violence in the Middle East. Analyzing historical parallels, three potential scenarios emerge, each with distinct implications for the global economy and political landscape. This article will explore each scenario in-depth, discussing the potential triggers, impact on the countries involved, and wide-ranging consequences.

Explore possible consequences of ongoing violence in the Middle East.

What's the Difference Between Traditional and Generative AI?

In fact, 23% of small businesses already use artificial intelligence for things like marketing and customer communications. An additional 39% of sellers plan to add AI to their business operations in the future. As you begin exploring the various ways to integrate AI, you may start hearing the terms “generative AI” and “traditional AI.” Here’s what these types of artificial intelligence can do, and how to determine what your business needs.

Read on here to learn what AI can do for your business.

Marshalls Good Stuff Social Club, New York City, October 20 and 21

Clothing retailer Marshalls is bringing expert voices on women’s issues to New York City on October 20 and 21. The two-day learning experience, billed as the Good Stuff Social Club, will feature sessions on self-worth, financial literacy, mentorship, career development, and wellness. Actor and producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas will kick off the event with an interactive masterclass on personal development.  

Get all infos about Marshalls Good Stuff Social Club and grab your free ticket here.

The Evolution of E-Commerce: Trends in Online Shopping

E-commerce has gradually and steadily become a huge part of commercial transactions online. From relying on brick-and-mortar operations to establishing an online presence, businesses have experienced a complete turn-around. Technology advancements go hand in hand with the development and growth of e-commerce.

As such, here are known technology trends in the e-commerce industry.

5 Books To Grow Your Company In 2024

Reading is one of an entrepreneur's most essential tools in their toolbox. Books can reveal marketing secrets and business strategy advice, spur new ideas, and motivate you when you need an extra push.

Add these five books to your reading list to help you grow your company in 2024.

How to Re-Optimize On-Page Content for SEO

Once you have implemented a search engine optimization strategy, it is essential to re-optimize your content. While it may be appealing to just “set it and forget it,” SEO and its strategies constantly evolve. For this reason, you want your site and content to continually evolve to find ways to appeal to your target audience. 

Learn strategies for re-optimizing on-page content for SEO.

Check out for more

Scale Up with Storefront & Business Growth Grants

Ever pictured your business in that empty storefront? Dive into the world of grants tailored for SMEs like you! Whether it's storefront revitalization or scaling up knowledge, seize the funds and opportunities now. Your vision, our guide.

Business Plan Online Store (Free PDF)

An online store needs to position itself well in a niche and target the right audience. The free business plan sample is your guide to a viable business idea in the e-commerce market. Download here.

Business Plan: Selling successfully with Amazon

Before you start selling on Amazon, you should create a business plan to cover all areas of your planned self-employment. This is how to start an Amazon business in easy steps.

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