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Marketing Trends 2024, Top AI Tools, Retirement Plan

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Free Business Plan Samples 2024

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Apply Now: America’s Top Small Business 2024!

New Year, New Strategies: Small Businesses Set to Thrive!

TikTok Unveils New Content Marketing Guide for 2024

From Valentine's Day to Summer Holidays, Small Business Saturday and more, there are multiple seasonal moments for every business to get behind. With so many important dates, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or what to plan for next. But good news: to jump start your TikTok strategy, they've created a marketing planner with key cultural moments and dates to align your brand to, whether your goal is driving awareness, consideration, or sales.

Keep reading to find out how to download a tailored 2024 TikTok marketing calendar.

20 Facebook Advertising Strategy Ideas

The effectiveness of Facebook advertising lies in its ability to target specific demographics, interests and behaviors, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence.

Read on here and develop an effective Facebook ads strategy 2024.

How to Leverage Pinterest's Predictions for 2024

Each year, Pinterest analyzes the billions of searches and pins made by its 482 million global users and generates predictions about what consumers will gravitate toward in the coming year. Its predictions are usually about 80 percent accurate. The most recent version of the report contains 23 predictions for what consumers will gravitate toward in fashion, beauty, home decor, entertainment, travel, and even parenting in 2024. 

Use Pinterest's annual search predictions to understand what consumers will want in 2024.

10 Best AI Tools for Social Media

AI can take over many of the social media tasks that are time consuming and monotonous, freeing up teams to focus elsewhere. This time could then be used to organically interact with customers, plan multimedia campaigns, or work on larger projects. There are many AI tools on the market that help with social media management, content creation, analysis, advertisements, and much more. 

Let’s take a look at the 10 best AI tools for social media.

2024 Retirement Trends to Watch That Will Save You $1000/month

Many people aim to retire in the near future. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly. However, retirement plans are always confronted with challenges, whether it is market volatility, healthcare affordability, or inflationary risks. On top of that, you'll have less financial flexibility without a fixed income. Do not be alarmed, future retirees. In 2024, you can expect to see some exciting new trends that can help you not only reach your retirement goals but make your wallet fatter as well.

Discover how to exceed retirement goals.

Check out for more

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Boost your 2024 sales game! Discover how personalized relationships, trust-building, and smart lead generation can skyrocket your small business.

The Best Pricing Strategies For Small Businesses

Find your pricing sweet spot! Learn the 7 key strategies to set the perfect price for your product. From cost-plus to dynamic pricing, discover how to maximize profits and attract more customers in 2024.

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