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Tax Planning 2023, Amazon Side Hustle, Marketing Hacks

Year-End Tax Strategies for 2022. How to launch a profitable dropshipping side hustle. A step-by-step guide to increase engagement on your YouTube channel. How to turn your content marketing from zero-to-hero in 2023. Don't miss these news and more.

Start Amazon as a side hustle

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Facts worth knowing for founders and small companies.

Business Strategies And Tips For The Turn Of The Year

Tax Guide 2022/23: Year-End Tax Strategies for 2022

Come January 3, a new Congress will convene in Washington, DC, setting the stage for potential tax changes that could impact small and medium-sized businesses. With that in mind, it's important for businesses to engage in certain tax planning strategies and to take advantage of tax credits that will soon expire or be phased out. Entrepreneur reminds you about important dates and deadlines for your accounting.

Effective tax planning can accomplish much more than just saving income taxes for the current and future years. If done properly, effective tax planning can maximize the amount of funds you will have available for retirement, reduce the cost of financing your children’s education, reduce eventual estate taxes, and assist you in managing your cash flow to help you meet your financial objectives. EISNERAMPER assists you with a soild tax planning in 2023.

How to Turn your Content Marketing From Zero to Hero in 2023

When it comes to marketing your business, content marketing is the new king. It's not just for companies with big budgets; anyone can use content marketing to connect with their audience and build trust. But if you're just getting started with content marketing (or want to improve your existing strategy), you may be wondering what steps you should take. In this article, you'll get to know how to turn your content marketing from zero-to-hero in 2023.

Top Х Best Marketing Tools In 2022

Digital marketing is evolving at the speed of light. Sometimes, it seems impossible to keep up with all the latest trends and not fall behind your competitors. Part of your job as a marketer can be offloaded to software. Typically, these solutions are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Find out about the best marketing tools to improve your performance.

Amazon Is Introducing a TikTok-Like Shopping Feed

TikTok's powerful algorithm has proven to be a successful demonstration of purchasing power — from launching successful businesses to reportedly driving shortages of various foods used in recipes that go viral on the app. TikTok also has an integration with Shopify and an e-commerce platform for sellers called TikTok shop. Now, Amazon wants in on the short-form content action. The company announced Thursday via the Wall Street Journal that it was introducing a pilot version of a short-form video app geared towards product discovery called, Inspire. Learn more about the addictive power of short-form videos to boost shopping experiences on Amazon

Extra Tip: Start an Amazon side hustle and earn extra money. Here's how you can launch a profitable dropshipping side hustle.

How to Send a Last-Minute Holiday Email

Didn't get a chance to plan your holiday email marketing? Sending a last-minute email is a great idea. Email can be profitable, especially during the holidays. But the holidays are also a busy time, so not all companies can plan an email campaign ahead of time. The great news is that sending an email doesn't always require a lot of effort. Follow these steps to create and send a last-minute holiday email that compels and converts.

How to make a playlist on YouTube: The step-by-step guide to increase engagement

Playlists are a powerful (but underrated) feature you can use to grow your YouTube channel. Yes, that’s right—it’s more than just tossing videos together. It’s a major part of your YouTube strategy. When made strategically, playlists can help you leverage the YouTube algorithm to your advantage, influence your viewers’ choices and keep them coming back. In this article, sproutsocial will walk you through how to create and manage new playlists on your YouTube channel.

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