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Seed Funds, Quick Money Side Hustles, Tax Planning

Discover Seed Fund Week 2024 for key funding tips. Master the Lender Match Platform, get inspired by a profitable side hustle, learn tax extension processes for 2024, and boost your branding for success. Start your journey with us!

Save Time with Proven Business Templates!

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Weekly Tips to Propel Your Business Forward!

Your Guide to Small Business Success – Weekly!

Enhanced Lender Match Platform Launched by SBA

Discover how the SBA's new Lender Match platform makes securing funding faster and simpler for SMEs. Perfect for businesses looking to scale up or kickstart projects.

Read the full article for insights into seamless funding solutions.

America's Seed Fund Week is Online!

America's Seed Fund Week is online! Get ready to explore funding opportunities, valuable workshops, and networking events designed to elevate your startup. Use the resources and tools of America's Seed Fund Week to propel your business forward.

Explore the U.S. SBA's knowledge library.

From Side Hustle to a 7-Figure Enterprise

Katherine Watercutter, now founder and CEO of activewear brand Gold Hinge, was working as a sales representative in Indiana when she decided to earn some extra cash. Read about her inspiring journey and uncover practical tips for turning your passion into a profitable business. Perfect motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Read the full story of activewear brand Gold Hinge.

Tax Extension Tips for Small Businesses

Navigating tax season with ease: Discover why a tax extension could be a strategic move for your SME and how to apply for one. This article breaks down the benefits and process.

Read the full article for crucial tax planning tips.

Branding Basics for Growing Businesses

Branding is the backbone of business growth. Learn the essentials every SME owner needs to thrive in today's market. From logos to customer loyalty, Inc. covers the must-knows about building a brand that resonates.

This is how to establish and leverage a strong brand identity.

America's Seed Fund Week 2024 – Virtual Road Tour!

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Business Development: Thrive Beyond Competition!

Dive into our guide on Business Development – from mastering SWOT Analysis to innovative Blue Ocean Strategy. This is your roadmap to strategic growth and long-term success. Perfect for founders and small biz owners!

SWOT-Analysis: Unlock Your Business's Full Potential!

A SWOT-Analysis is the heartbeat of every comprehensive business plan, whether you're launching a startup or exploring new territories in a growing company. Dive into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to transform your startup dream into reality.

Fuel Your Growth: Funding Guide for Small Businesses!

There's a wealth of grants, loans, and programs designed to support small businesses, and staying informed about these opportunities is crucial. Here's a concise guide to navigate your options!

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