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Art of Persuasion, Recruitment, Small Business Grants

From mastering the art of persuasion to leveraging LGBTQ grants: Discover how empowering women and innovative HR strategies can make your small business a contender for Company of the Year!

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Small Business Success: Keys to Empowerment

Online Degrees Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

The shift in learning and entrepreneurship is notable with a rising number of female entrepreneurs making their mark in technology, thanks in part, to the accessibility of graduate business degrees online (with the kind support of Michigan Tech). This movement is not just transforming industries but is setting a new standard for how women pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions and develop their skills. 

Learn about the accessibility of graduate business and statistics degrees online

Pride Grant Available for LGBTQ+ Business Owners

Small business grants can benefit business owners from a huge range of backgrounds. Recently, a national nonprofit launched a funding round for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, which has long been underserved by traditional business programs.

Read about Pride Grant available for LGBTQ+ business owners here.

3 Persuasion Techniques You Should Know

Learn why persuasion attempts work better when you ask for action in the future (rather than the present). Learn how to make a tiny change to get hotel guests to reuse their towels, or learn that questions are more effective than you might expect.

These are the persuasion tactics that actually work.

Invoice Payment Terms and How to Write Them

Invoice payment terms are essential for several reasons. They impact everything from the strength of business relationships to cash management. Specific payment terms are an integral part of financial management. They even tell businesses when they can expect to have money coming in so they can budget and plan their finances.

In this guide you will find all the details on the terms of payment for invoices.

How Small Businesses Can Master a Complex Labor Market

Navigating today's labor market is a high-stakes game for small businesses as they compete to attract top talent. The U.S. Chamber reports that while there are 9.5 million job openings in the U.S. this year, there are only 6.5 million workers to fill them. With small businesses employing over one-third of all U.S. workers, a labor shortage can amplify the pressure to find and retain employees. 

Here are key strategies for small businesses to build and strengthen their teams.

How to Make Employees Loyal to Your Business

Create your dream board of directors with CO—, connecting you with business experts to tackle your challenges. This edition features Témoc Morfin, CEO of Cilantro Taco Grill, sharing strategies to boost employee retention and morale by fostering a family-like atmosphere.

Learn how you can strengthen employee loyalty.

Meet the Massachusetts Small Business Person of the Year!

Check out for more

Get Your Free Retail Store Biz Plan!

Want to be your own boss? Start with our step-by-step guide to crafting a retail store business plan that can’t fail. Download for free and launch your dream business today!

How to Create a Financial Plan for Your Small Business

Ready to craft a winning financial plan for your small business? Dive into budgeting secrets, sales forecasts, and funding strategies that set you apart. Start shaping your future today with every dollar accounted for.

2024's Top Graduate Programs for Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneur eyeing the CEO chair? Explore 2024's leading graduate entrepreneurship programs. Elevate your journey with elite courses, real-world experience, and unmatched networks.

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