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How to make an individual offer to your clients

This is how to create an individual offer that stands out. Small companies are under great competitive pressure. Only a few of their offers generate actual orders and customers often prefer the cheaper, but significantly inferior competition. Use these practical tips for an exceptional offer

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How do you make a powerful offer?

The quote is the last and probably most important element before the customer places the order. It is, so to speak, a written sales talk. Once you have submitted an offer, you are no longer there when the customer takes it for granted. 

Caution before the "offer break-off point"

This makes it all the more important to make the offer an experience for your customer. Otherwise, you quickly find yourself at the so-called "offer break-off point". The point where the order, often thought to be secure, breaks away and falls down. This does not have to be the case. 

Customer relationship is key

When preparing an offer, especially in the high-price segment, the customer relationship plays a decisive role in addition to the actual price. Whoever succeeds in not only professionally but also emotionally charging their offer and communicating it to all those involved in the decision-making process without loss of information or sympathy, will be classified by the customer as more competent and can win more orders.

Securing customer benefits through individual offers 

Every person is an individual and wants to be perceived as such. This is also evident in offers, because it is not companies that buy from companies, but people from people. That's what is particularly exciting about this topic and environment. That's also where new trends can be classified.

Raising hidden potentials

On the negative side, it is quite clear that many offers are still simply created in 0815 and thrown at the customer's feet. No great effort is made, because everything is (supposedly) clear between the parties involved. Conversely, with the right form and approach, you create more proximity and secure a competitive advantage over your business rivals. This is how customer acquisition really works.

Range of offer categories

Offers can be divided into a few categories. These are:

  1. The so-called nothing-to-clear or everything-to-clear offers: A representative for this standard offer is for example "I want to sell a hard disk" or "I want to sell tables, chairs as a furniture store". This is an all-clear offer, so to speak. Everyone knows what a hard drive is, what it costs, how much capacity it has, etc. 
  2. The so-called quick offers with special conditions: e.g. "Today 10 pieces ABC to 2,50 USD". Everything beautifully. 
  3. The real individual offers: Offers involving products and services that require explanation. For example, system solutions, complex products and individual components for them. But above all, the combination of everything.

Individual needs matter

These individual offers will be in ever greater demand in the future, because they allow you to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition and leave your own mark (benefits, added value, portfolio, etc.) on your customers. This trend will intensify in the coming years, primarily due to increasing digitization.

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Which five points should be considered for a good offer?

It is almost impossible to reduce good offers to just five points. It always depends on the specific offer situation and how an offer should be structured according to the standards of your industry.

Nevertheless, let's try to pick out five very important points in preparing a proposal that small businesses often don't pay enough attention to:

First of all, the overall structure of the offer should be coherent and easy to understand from beginning to end.

In addition, the following five points should be taken to heart:

  1. A clear benefit formulation and not just an exclusive feature formulation. The customer's problem to be solved is identified and his or her associated wishes are listed.
  2. The document structure and design are adapted to the customer.
  3. A management summary focused on the customer's business management is included, and a great custom cover letter exists.
  4. A clear call to action and recommendation for the customer to proceed are integrated.
  5. Active phrases are used and the core messages of the offer in terms of the triad:

Be short, concise and crisp.

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