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Tax Breaks, High Profit Side Hustles, ChatGPT Prompts

This week, uncover hidden tax breaks, dive into the world of profitable side hustles, unlock the power of ChatGPT prompts and know the key dates and services in the UPS Holiday Shipping Schedule. Get the latest in business innovation with our weekly newsletter.

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Tax Incentives for Minority-Owned Businesses: What to Know

Over the last 10 years, minority enterprises comprised more than 50% of new U.S.-based businesses and created 4.7 million jobs. In total, over four million minority-owned businesses are in the country, accounting for nearly $700 billion in sales. Despite this, however, minority entrepreneurs often still face disparities in accessing capital and other opportunities. While the federal tax code doesn’t include any specific incentives for minority-owned businesses, entrepreneurs who are part of a minority group may be better positioned to take advantage of certain tax credits and breaks.

Here’s what you need to know about tax breaks for minority-owned businesses.

How to Carry the Weight of Small-Business Leadership

For small-business leaders, the experience of being a founder can be an enlightening one. You have to face up to internal realities that might otherwise have stayed hidden. You need strong foundations within yourself and around you, to handle the ebbs and flows. If you’re struggling under the weight of being a small-business founder and it’s impacting your sleep, ability to concentrate and your personal relationships, here are some tips that might help.

Learn how to carry the weight of small-business leadership.

Start-up Stories or How to Fulfill your Dream with a Sideline

Jack TerHaar, a University of Georgia senior, is polishing profits with Detail Dawgs, a mobile detailing service in Athens. As a college student, Jack was tired of working in bars until 4 am. So he started a car detailing side hustle — earning $7,000 a month. 

Read the full founder story here.

Wendy Wang, owner of F&J outdoors, began crafting covers for patio furniture in 2018. Wang transformed her side hustle into a successful full-time business, F&J Outdoors, which generates an average monthly revenue of $66,000. It took one year to see a consistent income stream from the side hustle and two years for it to surpass the earnings from her full-time job as an international trade specialist.

Read the full founder story here.

Dominate Social Media: ChatGPT Secrets to Crafting Viral Content

Viral marketers will tell you that there’s a formula to success online. That the secret is in the hook. That they just know when something has global potential. Without hiring a viral marketer, see if you can configure ChatGPT to give you ideas. With the right prompts, you can unlock ideas that scale. Here are seven to try today, for ideas and inspiration that might just take your brand to the next level.

Explore chatgpt prompts to crafting viral content.

2023 Holiday Shipping Schedule: Key Deadlines for UPS Deliveries

As the holiday season approaches, understanding the 2023 Holiday Shipping Schedule for UPS is crucial for both businesses and individuals to ensure the timely delivery of packages. UPS has outlined a comprehensive schedule detailing the last days to ship for guaranteed delivery by December 23.

These are the key dates and services in the UPS Holiday Shipping Schedule.

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