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Elevate your business game! This week: Uncover AI's transformative power in marketing, get exclusive tips for women entrepreneurs to hone leadership skills, navigate inflation with expert advice, and refine your business plan. Stay ahead, dive in now!

Start Your Business with a Plan

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Weekly Tips to Propel Your Business Forward!

How to Start-Up and Thrive 2024: Tips and Strategies

8 Things Your Pitch Deck Needs if You Want Investment 

When entrepreneurs try to shore up funding and management for their ventures, they often summarize their business strategies in an abbreviated presentation document called a pitch deck. A pitch deck is typically utilized in meetings with clients, partners and co-founders and when presenting to investors. 

Find out the most important elements for a successful pitch deck.

The Dynamic Personalities of Women in Leadership

From the impact of diverse backgrounds on leadership styles to the integration of technology in daily operations, explore how women are navigating and shaping the evolving landscape of work. Learn the influence of women leaders on team dynamics, their approach to mental health and well-being, and the ways in which they’re driving career development and innovation. Take advantage of the many facets of female leadership and get your business off to a flying start in 2024.

These are the cornerstones of strong female leadership.

November CPI Inflation Numbers Are In!

Inflation has been a significant topic of discussion among financial analysts and experts. Monitoring the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is crucial for understanding inflation’s impact on the economy and its implications on monetary policies. This article closely examines the CPI inflation numbers for November, emphasizing key highlights and their possible effects on the market. Additionally, this piece will explore the anticipated market reaction to this data, which is expected to set the stage for the upcoming December Federal Reserve meeting.

Get practical tips for your liquidity planning.

The Power of Content Marketing: A Strategic Approach 

In the dynamic landscape of business, attracting and retaining clients is a perpetual challenge. One such strategy that has proven to be immensely effective is content marketing. This approach goes beyond traditional advertising methods, focusing on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and engage a target audience. 

Learn how to use content marketing for lasting customer growth.

2024 Creator Economy Predictions

Chances are, your brand has worked with creators in the past and likely will again.

Currently valued at $250B, the creator economy is expected to reach $480B by 2028. This growth is fueled by increased cash flow from brands and higher demand for content. Creator content is no longer just a top-of-funnel play. In 2024, a well-rounded marketing strategy has content embedded throughout, and strong relationships with creators are essential to making these strategies work.

Here are the top predictions of how the creator economy will evolve in 2024.

A Practical Guide for Marketers Who Want to Use GenAI

A recent McKinsey survey revealed that only 10%–14% of companies consistently deploy generative AI in their marketing and sales initiatives. Why, in a function that seemingly stands to gain the most from generative AI, is adoption so limited? And how can marketers bridge the gap and fully harness this potential? As marketers try to navigate this transformative moment, it seems many are struggling with where to begin. Discover the top four opportunities and risks of generative AI in marketing, plus a starter framework for leaders.

Here you will find a practical guide for the use of GenAI in marketing.

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