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Master Online Shops, WhatsApp Tools, Fraud Prevention

Unlock your business potential with our latest insights! Learn how to build a top-notch online shop, utilize WhatsApp tools for customer engagement, master local marketing, and leverage AI image generators. Plus, discover strategies for small business growth and protect your transactions from payment fraud.

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Small Business Owners Most Concerned with Payment Fraud

Small business owners are increasingly concerned about various forms of fraud, according to a recent survey. But payment fraud is their top concern. KeyBank’s 2024 Small Business Survey asked nearly 2,000 small business owners about their fraud concerns. Of those respondents, 44 percent said that their biggest concern is payment fraud, unauthorized transactions or fund transfers.

Find out how you can defend yourself against payment fraud.

These Small Business Growth Strategies Help Solve Today’s Challenges

During Small Business Week, EverCommerce surveyed SMB owners and found 74% unaware of the event. Many worry about economic challenges, consumer expectations, and new AI tech, but are optimistic about digital solutions. FORBES spoke with Matt Feierstein, EverCommerce president, on overcoming these hurdles.

These growth strategies will future-proof your company.

The Importance of Local Marketing for Home Services Businesses

Today, in the digital age, home services businesses, like electricians and plumbers, rely on a strong online presence. They need it to attract local customers. Local marketing is crucial for these businesses as it helps them reach their target audience better. This ensures that those who need their services can see them. In this article, you’ll explore the importance of local marketing for home services businesses.

Read on and learn how SEO can enhance visibility and drive traffic.

New AI Tools, Meta Verified and More for Businesses on WhatsApp

From answering customer questions, to discussing products and finalizing a purchase, messaging helps businesses get business done. At Conversations, Meta's annual business messaging event, they unveiled the latest product updates to help people and businesses achieve more on WhatsApp.

Explore the new WhatsApp features.

9 Top AI Image Generators: Essential Insights for Marketers

AI image generators help anyone create visuals that are weird, wonderful, and … weirdly wonderful. But how exactly do they work and what’s the best AI image generator for marketers? The author tested the top options for you.

Here’s the scoop.

Building Your E-Commerce Website From Scratch: A Small Business Guide

Creating an e-commerce website is a daunting task. Yet, it's a project you can tackle with a solid strategy, an understanding of the best practices, and a step-by-step guide. More importantly, starting with the right online site builder and e-commerce platform prevents future obstacles, like realizing the software is above your skill level or isn’t built for your revenue model.

Create a fast, seamless online store that wows visitors.

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Janitor Business Plan: A Comprehensive Guide

Dreaming of a thriving janitorial business? Our janitor business plan template is more than just a document; it's your path to industry success, tailored to help you clean up in profits! Get your free business plan sample now!

How to Scale a Small Business in 10 Easy Steps

Dive into our 10-step guide and transform your small enterprise into a thriving powerhouse! Scaling a business in the U.S. and going global is both exhilarating and challenging. Here you'll find tips and tools to help you achieve your growth goals.

From Zero to Secure: Your Cyber Blueprint

Safeguard your small business with our easy guide on cybersecurity strategies! Learn to spot risks, defend assets, and keep hackers at bay. Your business's safety starts with you!

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