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Customer Loyalty, Tax Credits, Pricing Strategies

Dive into the world of customer loyalty and experience! Uncover key statistics shaping modern business strategies. Plus, discover tips on boosting restaurant foot traffic, mastering pricing, transferring certain credits, empowering female founders, and enhancing remote entrepreneurship productivity.

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Unlocking Potential: Some of the Week's Key Business News

Exploring Loyalty: 60 Customer Experience Statistics

86% of consumers would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences. Discover the dynamics of customer satisfaction & engagement! Explore insights shaping modern business strategies for unparalleled growth. From omnichannel engagement to personalized interactions, redefine customer experiences for enduring brand relationships.

Explore Top Customer Experience Statistics here.

How to Increase Foot Traffic in Your Restaurant

Foot traffic is essential for any restaurant. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get more customers in the door, even during slow times. Meet Dawn Urrutia, owner of America's Top Small Business Honoree Georgia's Sweet Potato Pie Company, a Louisville, Kentucky-based bakery that also provides books to the community. Dawn shares her tips on how restaurant owners can increase foot traffic in their establishments.

Read the full story of Georgia's Sweet Potato Pie Company.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Pricing

Phill Agnew conducted interviews with numerous pricing experts. These individuals aren't typical LinkedIn influencers; they're peer-reviewed researchers from renowned universities worldwide. In his blog post, he unveils their top five pricing tips.

Learn how to improve your pricing strategy.

IRS Releases Final Guidance on Transferring Certain Credits

The Treasury and IRS released final rules on transferring tax credits, part of the Inflation Reduction Act and CHIPs Act. Effective Jan. 1, 2023, eligible taxpayers can transfer credits to others for cash, promoting investment in manufacturing, clean energy, and production.

Find these and other details on transferring certain credits here.

6 Non-Negotiables for Women in Power

Here are six non-negotiables from some of the powerful women we all look up to that will help you maintain your success and push through to the next level. By embracing these non-negotiable principles, women leaders can experience transformational growth, foster healthier dynamics and cultivate environments conducive to success and fulfillment.

Learn the non-negotiables for women in power.

5 Tools That Can Help Boost Productivity for Remote Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest challenges remote entrepreneurs must conquer is learning how to focus while eliminating distractions. Fortunately, there are tools that make this easier.

Here are the five best productivity tools for remote entrepreneurs.

Check out for more

Business Plan Coffee Shop: Espresso Your Dream!

Imagine serving the perfect cup in your own café. Our guide demystifies the business plan process, from the first bean to the final brew. Sip, Plan, Open – Let's turn your coffee dream into a thriving reality!

Navigate Taxes, Maximize Savings: Small Biz Guide

Learn how to save on taxes for your small business! Our guide provides a concise overview of tax obligations and practical tips for reducing your taxes while ensuring compliance. Stay compliant, save money, and thrive. It's simpler than you think!

The Best Pricing Strategies For Small Businesses

Find your pricing sweet spot! Learn the 7 key strategies to set the perfect price for your product. From cost-plus to dynamic pricing, discover how to maximize profits and attract more customers in 2024.

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