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How This Couple Transformed a Gas Station Into a Legendary BBQ

Joy Stehney and her husband Jeff started their restaurant journey as competitors in the storied Kansas City BBQ scene. After seeing success at BBQ comps, they took steps to open a brick-and-mortar spot by leasing a kitchen in a gas station. Stehney and company have figured out the formula for ensuring catering clients receive good food and good service. Their goal is to be the best, not the biggest, (including an offer to host Taylor Swift's wedding).

Find the secret of the founding success of Joe's KC Bar-B-Que.

6 Essential Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

There’s no single definition of what makes a good entrepreneur. However, certain personality traits can significantly influence a person’s success in business. Eager entrepreneurs who want to advance in their respective industries can leverage their personalities in the world of business more than they may think. Here are six key personality traits commonly found in successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

Discover six key traits of successful entrepreneurs.

TikTok World 2024: New Ad Solutions for Small Businesses

At the 4th annual TikTok World product summit, TikTok announced new business solutions for brands. These solutions include Creative AI tools, performance automation, and enhancements to branding placements. The focus is on helping brands engage with their audience in creative ways.

Learn about new creative TikTok tools: TikTok One and Symphony.

6 SEO Tips to Help You Rank in the New Era of Quality Content

As a result of Google's recent core update, many small business owners are dealing with drops in their search rankings and traffic. There are six practical SEO tips to help businesses recover and thrive in the changing digital landscape. By focusing on these tactics, you can improve your search rankings, attract more traffic and maintain a strong online presence in 2024.

Use these tips to improve your SEO ranking.

How to Drive Sales with Content Marketing in 2024

Where once content marketing meant writing and publishing multiple blog posts a week, the truth these days couldn’t look more different. From videos to podcasts to interactive quizzes, businesses are constantly innovating and experimenting with new forms of content to engage their audiences. However, one aspect has remained consistent—the importance of content marketing in sales and revenue growth for businesses of all sizes.

This is how you develop a content strategy for more sales.

The Best AI Content Generators: Test Results

67% of marketers say the biggest benefit of AI is its ability to create content faster. If this sounds enticing, then you've come to the right blog post. The author tested and reviewed five AI content generators to see how they work and whether they can benefit marketers and creators. 

To see if these AI generators can enhance your workflow, keep reading here.

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Business Plan Food Truck: Pleasure on Four Wheels

Ready to roll into culinary success? Discover the recipe for your food truck triumph! Our comprehensive business plan guide will fuel your foodie dreams. Download it here for free.

Outshine Big Brands with Ritz-Carlton Secrets!

Learn how Joe's Diner, a fictional small-town eatery, used Ritz-Carlton tips to become a local favorite. Boost your small business with top-tier customer service and standout branding strategies! This could be you!

AI: A Game Changer for Small Businesses

Explore the latest insights from GoDaddy’s survey, revealing how AI boosts growth, streamlines operations, and opens new opportunities for micro businesses. Don't miss out on these game-changing strategies!

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