How to put your business plan into practice

Writing a business plan and securing financing of a start-up project are for many founders the first steps in the process of becoming self-employed. Once these items have been checked off, then the work is just about to begin. This is how you get to practice

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Put your plan into practice!

Business plan is written, now it's time for its implementation

The implementation phase starts and things will really begin to take off. It is essential that you are well prepared when working through the following points:

1. Call a spade a spade!

A company name must be defined for the company and at the same time a domain should be secured for your Internet site, which, if possible, contains your business's name. be sure to avoid names that are too long or any vacant domain names, too many hyphens and unusual domain extensions should also be avoided when choosing a domain name. This is, however, often where the problem lies, since most (reasonable) domain names are already taken and it sometimes takes an enormous effort on your part to find and secure a concise domain.

2. The first impression counts!

Your corporate identity, or also abbreviated as CI, should be convincing from the beginning. In addition to a solid web presence with relevant content, you should have an appealing corporate logo and an easily readable typeface. Professional business cards and stationery are relatively inexpensive to purchase these days, and often make a better impression than designing and printing your own, unless you have the know-how and appropriate equipment to do this.

3. Keep it short and sweet!

As for your online presence, should you be in doubt start off short and crisp and keep it appealing and convincing. Since only a small number of entrepreneurs have the skills needed to make even a small website, it is often advisable to have an expert design one for you. Because there is a large market for web design, it is possible to have your first website with about 10 to 15 pages created for very little money – of course among the various offers out there, there are significant differences in quality.

How to implement your business plan: Conclusion

Don't treat the visibility of your business lightly. In the field of corporate identity and website design, it comes down to the right contacts. Be sure to shop around and compare services from multiple sources before deciding on one.

Remember, the first impression counts, so why not get it right the first time around?

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