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Call-to-Action: 20 Power Words that Motivate to Buy

The most important task of a Call-To-Action (CTA) is - as the name suggests - a call to action. But how do you get people to buy a product, sign up on your website, or subscribe to a newsletter? Use these 20 power words and turn your leads into new customers.

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Turn prospects into buyers with these 20 power words.

What are Power Words that Sell?

Turn prospects into buyers with these 20 power words:

1. You

Good marketing copy feels like a conversation. Speak directly to your customer.

2. Your

Just pretend your prospect has already bought:

  • "Your hotel room has a king-size bed and a comfortable sofa."
  • "With your XXX watch, you're wearing a real eye-catcher on your wrist."

3. Only

  • "Today only"
  • "For a limited time only"
  • "While supplies last"

4. Guaranteed

People don't like risk - that's why they love guarantees:

  • "Guaranteed with no hidden costs".
  • "We're available 24/7. Guaranteed."

5. All inclusive / Everything Included

Make it clear to your customer that everything is included in your offer. What he needs.

6. Free / Free of Charge

You may take it for granted that, for example, your consultation is free. But is it the same for your customer?

Tell him: "Get free advice now."

7. Discover

The word "discover" suggests that there is something new to see or experience:

  • "Discover now our new exclusive savings packages."

8. Now

People are more likely to act when they feel they are under time pressure:

  • "Sign up now"
  • "Buy now and save"

9. Why? Because.

Give your prospects a reason to take the next step. People are more likely to do something if they understand why:

  • "Why you should choose XXX? Because we ..."

10. Never

You can use the word "never" to make it clear to your customer what frustration/loss/harm they will be spared if they buy from you:

  • "Never overpay again."
  • "Never again yoyo effect"

11. New

The classic in marketing: make it clear what you have NEW in your offer.

12. Save

The shortest and clearest word to make clear: This is a good offer.

  • "Buy now and save 200 euros."

13. Tested/Proven

Make it clear to your customers that your product or service has already been proven to work.

14. Real Results

That's what everyone wants, right?

  • "With our training, you'll get real results."

15. The


  • "A vacation destination for pleasure seekers" - "THE vacation destination for pleasure seekers."
  • "A way to save a lot of money." - "THE way to save a lot of money."

16. Immediately

We're all impatient:

  • "Sign up now and get instant access."
  • "Buy now and feel the effect immediately".

17. Fast

Those who can't guarantee "immediately" can resort to "quickly":

  • "Buy now and feel the effect quickly."

18. Bonus

Who doesn't like getting something for free on top?

  • "Early bird bonus: free breakfast."
  • "Bonus: As a new customer, get the first 30 minutes free."

19. Unique

Does what you offer not exist at the competition? Then tell your customer that, too.

20. Last Chance

No one wants to miss an opportunity. ;-) 

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