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How To Find And Nurture New Business Relationships

Are you a sole proprietor feeling alone in your business? Here you will learn strategies and ways to find and nurture new business relationships.

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Three people holding each other by their wrists forming a strong network.
Building strong networks.

How to make relationships more productive and valuable

Positive relationships in business are important to get your day-to-day business done and to drive your business forward. Being a "lone wolf" won't get you where you want to go, no matter how hard you work. However, relationships don't happen by themselves. You'll have to put in some effort to reap lasting benefits from your contacts. 

Here are seven tips you can use to make new and existing relationships more productive and valuable to your own business goals.

1. Take time to build and develop external relationships

Actively seek out and attend important external business conferences to meet and get to know people who can help you and whom you can help in return. This can vary depending on your business interests, but can also include a charity event or retreat and can be a shared hobby or community effort. 

2. Ask questions to explore common goals and interests

All successful and productive business relationships must be based on common goals and interests, which may be in different industries. These may include shared financial goals, technological advancements, or shared career goals as well as entertainment or family tie-ins.

The key factor for authentic business relationships is a good knowledge of one's own goals.

It's hard to know if you're on the right path if you don't know where you're going.

– Goal Planning

3. Always be positive and courteous in initial relationships

It never pays to overwhelm new relationships with your view of things or to appear simply rude or pushy in initial contact. Only if your counterpart associates a pleasant feeling with them, it will succeed in building a sustainable relationship. So it's better not to complain so much about things that aren't going so well in the company, but to pay attention to the things you have in common and create a good atmosphere. 

4. Emphasize the success of others instead of talking about yourself

What is your real enthusiasm? What do you want everyone to know how great it is? Science facts, technology, culture, music, or notables for that matter are all appropriate for starting a conversation that effortlessly creates a connection and positive emotions that will always be traced back to you.

5. Show respect and courtesy at every stage of the relationship

You get what you give is the motto. If you are polite and respectful with business partners, you will be treated the same way. It's about building trust and showing genuine interest. 

6. Express appreciation for existing and past relationships

When you speak positively about other relationships, you convey the message that this relationship will be appreciated as well. Conversely, if you openly criticize other relationships, people will be hesitant to help you or offer advice for fear that their efforts may not be appreciated enough or that they risk being treated or judged the same way by them. What goes around, comes around.

7. Be nonjudgmental

Don't express expectations or try to change anyone. No one is impeccable. We all have our imprints and experiences that influence our decision making. If you are understanding of others' problems, their self-esteem will be enhanced and they will be more likely to accept you and appreciate your value and perspective. Only then can a mutually beneficial relationship develop.

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